Friday, November 26, 2004

1st touch~

here am i,standing in between growing up and not to grow up.i've just finish my final and my last-most-important-exam in high school.i know after that,i will grow up and take a first step in to the adult world.that is why,in a middle of a night like this, i have many thoughts of what will it be like as an adult. like every other teenager, i'm eager to grow up,i can have my own world and the freedom i want.but then, as i grew to become a more mature thinking young lady, i found out there isn't any excitement in growing up, i have to learn to be resposibility, i have to face the world all on my own, and i have a lot to learn, a lot to's kinda scary when you have to face the odds alone,far away from your family.....
but then, i found out something, something that keeps me going.4 friends i found who gave me faith and made me brave to face a whole new world.with thier support, i'm no longer alone in this big world.i'm going to be a small girl standing strong againts all odds in this big world, coz i have them,son,kei,sho and hana. i feel whole.thankz guys, love ya all!!