Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009, what will be waiting for me...?

my 1st post in year 2009..^^
there are lot's of things i need to ask myself..
Am i loyal? i think i i?
Am i young? young?hell yesh~!!
Do i want to try a new relationship? A little bit..
Am i happy now? Well not bad, but still searching for something that i am searching..
Am i grabbing on to my life? Some how i am...
Do i have other new stuff to try? Hells yesh~!! tons of it!!!

Just came back from Tokyo. Went there alone to meet my nest friends. see mun, ban fan and jun..
miss them so freaking much. Going there alone, hanging out with friends made me realize how
much i do treasure the friendship between us, i could miss Gackt's concert, Disney sea, Ueno park
but not wanting to miss meeting them.

I found out i actually love being alone, me and my own emotion. Being drown into my own thoughts.
Thoughts that no one else shall know...

I found out that i love using my eyes to take photos and my brain as a photo album.
Went to Tokyo and brought a camera with me, but i didn't take a single photo...
but i do remembered every moment i spent my time with my dearest friends..

And i found out that i still love the big city, busy streets, crowded places.....
i found out i need excitement of the big city or i will sooner or later dry out..
I found out that i still need to play more before i seattle down...
Hell, i hope see mun can find a recording company job in japan so i can come down to meet her anytime..
i hope fan can get a balance in his life, don't work too much and sayang me more..^.^
i hope ban don't fool around so much and get a real girlfriend and sayang me more..^.^
i hope jun can be successful in his music career so i can write lyrics for him if he wants..haha
i hope sho can get happiness from her baby... and hope she can be happy forever..
i hope son is having a great life as well
i hope kei can achieve her dreams
and i hope i can qualify for the rm4600 scholarship....
Hope 2009 is a good year for me~!!!!!お願いします