Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Where are you?~

Where are you?You appeared in my dreams, you appeared around me. Why don't you show yourself?I want to know, i want to see you, i want to feel you to touch you. I want to leave with you. You are the one i love, the one i can rely on. You are my light, you are my everything. I know you are still far away, but, i really wanted to have a peep and have a glance of you.......
Sounds like i'm looking for my lover right?Well actually what i meant is my future. I don't know wat lays ahead.I want me to be happy of what am i doing....i want to be success in live but yet success in things that i love. I love music, although i cannot see my future in music, but i am working very hard. And now my i'm starting school....walking to a raod that many people say it's a bright future. I like law, i have interest in it, but...my passion and love is in music. I do not know what fate will bring me, what my future lay ahead.....that is why i wish to take a peep, i'm curious...will i make it?living a life doing things i like..following the road i love...is that the right way to go? I've got to try my best, no matter what. "If you put your mind in it, you can accomplish anything."