Friday, May 22, 2009

Gloomy Weekend(_ _||)

It will be raining in Japan this weekend..
Well i think it rains because everyone feel gloomy especially mua..
he freaking deserve to win the title... anyone can see it.
He has the one in a million voice and he is born to be a star.
I just can't accept the result. Just felt like something is wrong with

Ya i am emotional i know, enough of it!
I know Adam will be more famous than the winner..
When the new season of American Idol starts, i think no one
give a damn about the 8th season winner. no one barely remembers
i guess......... not trying to be a sour grape but this is the truth!!
Do u remember season 2's winner?how about season 3? and 4?

Adam is different, his name will last forever in the American Idol hall of fame. people who
can see his talent will understand, and remember Adam Lambert- the one in a million super star!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long time no SEE~!

Since a loooo00o0ong time since i've blog..
Well not much changes in my life except that my Dad is out of job
that's why money seems very important to me now..
And my studies as usual, busy with reports assignments..
Lately joined Japanese Civil Law research team, with only me
the foreigner with whole bunch of japanese and a very funny happy-go-lucky teacher..

The thing that made me happy lately is i might gotten a scholarship..
but the thing is some said it is confirm some say it is not, but officially the money
is not in my account yet~!!!! oh i hope the money come faster~!!T^T

Well drop all the stress, i do enjoy as well..^^

Lately passion for Crayon Shin chan has grown in me..haha
i even bought the snack shin chan love the most in the anime and guess
what, it wasn't bad at all.... somehow it is tasty =^.^=

Treat myself with A Superb Dessert (A Cake and banana slice toping with banana pudding, red bean and coffee ice-cream>0<)


Had hokkaido's Full cheese cheese cake ~!YUM~!!!@.@

Say HI to our first spring beetle~!^.^

Go crazy when i Saw X JAPAN printed behind my shopping bag~!!!O.o

Be a fan girl of Adam Lambert and sent him a handmade sakura bookmark~!=)
I still my Surname coped below the bookmark..XD

Closer look you can see the flower went brownT^T

As soon as the petal touched the glue, from pink it turned brown~AH Vicious chemical reaction~!!!X.X

Guess my life is still fun as long as i keep it fun~!!^.^
despite the stress and heavy school work i got, oh yea and my JLPT test~!>.>
I still am enjoying my life~!!

I should be prod of myself~=)