Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SAD but Smile

just heard a sad news from Kei...
Bou is leaving an cafe~!!
I am really sad and felt that no one can ever take over Bou place in an cafe...
But i will support him, may he do well in future.
I bet all fans will smile for him as well...
30th of april.Bou's graduation from an cafe..omedetto gozaimasu.

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Really glad you are in an cafe..no one can ever replace that Bou of an cafe in my heart.All the Best^.^

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I am still alive

i don't know why, lately its like i have a lot to think about,
Maybe i am too busy at work. And i don't think i earn enough to fulfill my lust..
haha i know i can be a shopaholic sometimes.

Last week, i can't really remember the date. I just know the time is (9am something.
i am on my way to work. I got molested on the train. That f***ing guy uses his
you-know-where to rub against my leg. At first i didn't notice anything, just a few guys looking at me
its like there are trying to tell me something. (oh my why didn't they do something when they saw what that
f***ing guy is doing..useless..!)..When i notice what that f***ing guy is doing on my leg i tried to move away
But too bad i didn't have enough space and nobody is trying to save me or what. Than i use my water bottle to bloc my leg
From his you-know-where touch...but he tries to move my water bottle away using his you-know-where.><
At that moment i was so damn angry, i turn around and ask him to stand back! and after that he didn't dare to touch me
So ladies, be sure if you met this kind of f***ing guys, kick them step in their feet mock them. Most importantly
Stand up for yourself; no one is going to help you unless you help yourself!

This Monday, i did a mistake at work. i pulled out a customer ordered book from the reservation counter
and yet the customer had paid a deposit for that book. i even left a remark there to not pull out the book.
i don't know why i pulled that book out. Things happen when that customer came and look for that book.
It was like chaos because it’s a big problem when we couldn't find that book. My department manager came out and explains and work things out with that customer and another manager helping me to locate that book. Eventually he did found that book. the situation is like i made this mess up and two manager's helping me and that did helped me sort things out. Or you can say clean up the mess for me. I was feeling so guilty that day. but i am really really really lucky both of them are good and holly people who doesn't scold people who are under them. not even once...
So, must be really be careful. Be sure to not make mistake when your boss you so much..

I had a fight with my parents not long ago, Last Sunday if i am not mistaken. I walk out on them when they ask me to stay at home because they bought dinner back. Hey, my mum asks me not to follow them to dinner because my dad was mad at me because i shouted at my brother. I've got nothing to eat at home. Due to that i called my Bf and he said he would take me out to eat. And THEN when my bf reaches my house my parents reach as well. My mum said they bought me food. That moment i couldn't think straight. When i am in a bad mood, i can't be at home. That narrow space at home will make my day more blue.That is why i have to get out of home and breath the air outside. Then i will be fine. they were nmad at me untill this thursday that is yesterday. But things seem to be ok now.
that is why, don't be like me. Really bad for family relationships.

This week sure is a tiring week. But hey! i am still alive. Am i stronger by day?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dreams come true, will it?

Last night i had a dream,
i dreamt i was in a ballroom, there was a stage, a low one.
there wasn't a crowd. but only 20 spectators, including me.
We were all excited because soon glay will be on stage to perform thier latest song.
I remembered when Glay came out, all of us roar with excitement..
I still remembered, Teru's hair was short..he looked really young and sporty..
I love and adore him so much. Along with Hisashi, Jiro and Takuro, the music melted our hearts..
After they finished the song, Teru said something in Japanese, and also in english. i wanted more but they left.
I was so happy when i woke up. It was my dream to meet all 3 of my idols..Glay is one of them.
i wonder if i really have a chance to meet them, i will burst out in tears. I am not a fanatic fan but i am a die heart fan.
i really do love thier songs. they gave me strenght when i was weak, they gave me hope when i don't have one,
they gave me faith when i lost my believe.
i believe in thier songs.
I am very happy eventhough it was just a dream because this kind of dream doesn't come all the time.
But it made me wonder, will dream come true? will i be given a chance to meet them?even once in my entire life?
i am wondering, hoping and praying...
I want to meet them.
Itsuka, aitai.