Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The courage to move on.

How many times you have fall in life.
The day when you get bad results in your exams
The day your boyfriend dumped you?
The day you got fired from your job?
The day when you got slapped in your face?
The day that you lost everything?
The day when you are broke?
I met a customer today. She looks pretty ordinary when she came to the counter. her smile
is so bright that it made me felt the sunshine and the warm of it. She is just an ordinary person searching for books..
Except that she didn't tell me what book she is looking for, she wrote it on a paper and showed it to me.
Yes, she couldn't speak.
I tried to search and locate the book from my system. but i couldn't find it. I felt so sorry because i wanted
to see her excited face when she knows that the book she is looking for is available. i felt so guilty.
I stood up from the computer and speak to her to tell her i couldn't find the book because it was out of stock. She showed a sign telling me to write down what i've said just now.
Yes, she couldn't hear
i showed a sorry sign to her and again i see her smile and showing me it's ok.then again she thanked me with a smile.
At that moment i can feel the warm feeling rising up to my heart and it triggers the tears in my eyes.
In my mind i suddenly felt that i am much more weaker than she is. Her will to live has outshone my determination. I was
so worried about my results which is coming out this thursday, and i am so insecure about me getting in local universities
and so afraid that i might not cope if i were to study law courses.
What the heck is that, who cares if i got bad results in stpm? i must be grateful for what i got.
i can hear beautiful music, hear sweet talks, i can speak when i am sad, i can speak when i am happy or angry..
i am normal. and yet how dare i was to felt like i am not satisfied with my life?
This girl will have to live a soundless life, and there might be jerks that look down on them, makes them felt bad.
But she, still standing strong, smiling brightly that lighten ups everyone's day.
I know i will surely be crying my heart out if i am not on duty. i will give her a hug because i know love and support from
people are what she needs.
Thanks to her i had learned a valuable lesson in life. May god bless her, may the smile of hers never fade from her face.