Saturday, March 04, 2006

love letter

Lover letter, its been awhile since i Gackt singing that song. It always touches my heart, bring me back to the time where love is so pure and down to earth, back to the time whene e-mails, telephones are not created, a time where poeple write love poems and love letter to confess their love. It is just simply touching...Gackt nail it...he can really go deep down inside your heart, and make you realise which is your own ture self...

eien wo aruitte yukeru
korekara mou zutto futari de
kono mune ni tsuyoku dakishimete
omoi waka wa ranai kanaka hitotsu dakara

That chorus was the best~! Gackt san i will always support you, you always help me find the real me, gave me strenght to go on and the strenght to beat the odds. As you once said, "if you put your mind in it, you can achieve anything!"
Arigatou ne~! Gackt san

*the love letter lyric is not copied. i wrote down base on what i hear from the song

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Long time no see

It's been awhile since i make a visit here....
i kinda miss it here...where i use to write my emotions,feelings in a beautiful way...hahahaha
well life was busy for me..and things just change in a blink of eyes.....its already 2006 you know..
never thought that time pass so fast that i am in my final year of my stpm..that is my major exams...and school activities, i can not not to be had its must have society,games and erm i forgot what it call....hahah..XD
in just half a year...i've also found the one that i would spent my whole life with....isn't that a wonderful yet shocking thing...hahha as i said things does change fast
but i hope miracle will happne on me...i want to go to japan~! i want to pass my exam will flying colours~!i want to get in univeristy of malaysia and law course...~!i want w-inds. 5th album~! THANKS~! i want diabolos dvd (Gackt concert)~! i want my gackt project to go well~!

i am demanding.,....hahaha...>.<