Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Cafe live house~!!!!^.^

Finally after all these months...I have something to post~!!i FINALLY have something to post~!!!

An cafe~!Live in Aomori Quater

Concerts are awesome as well but i personally prefer Live house~!!^.^
Today i went to An Cafe's live house. It was held in a pub and believe me it is
very very very small~!!!! only can fill 144~150 people! That is the best part~!^.^

First of all, i admire my strength, mentally and physically... This live house is today
that is 9/27, sunday and the day before i attend a student exchange activity
which require me to spend a night outside my dorm.. omg do believe me when i
tell you this i only slept for 2 hours because those kids are just to noisy~! and
the leader told everyone freaky stuff happened around the place we are staying
and that really freak the hell out of me....

And then~! with a tired body (and i am having my P by the way..==)
i went lining to buy An Cafe live house goodies--towel it is a must~!!!!
then line up and waited to go inside the pub.And then one by one according to
numbers one by one we went in..

When the band came in OMG i can't believe myself seeing Miku, Teruki, Canon standing
in front of me. Miku is such a sweetie coz he knows people behind can't see him so
he stood on the highest spot on stage so that we behind can see him as well~!!!
Started off with rock songs that made everyone went high~@
And then Miku's mc time. He brought us bad news and good news...
The Bad news is this is An Cafe's last tour because they want to take a break
and all activities stopped for the moment..T^T so sad....
And the good news is, This live house went live on Aomori tv~!!
and Miku has his own way with the crowd. His interact so well with
us^.^. Coz someone asked when this Live house is being aired?(at first we didn't know there was a camera man
recording us live~!@@) and Miku says: Now~! at this moment when the next song start~!! and everyone was
shocked and happy and went excited..hahaha

Miku's vocal is so strong and you cant' hear his breathing!!!amazing~!!!!! and he kept us jumping
and dancing~! He kept the atmosphere high and happy~!!! and nyappy~!!^w^
And in between while miku is resting, other members had a small drama played.
If you know kekekeketaro.. an anime about monsters..hahaha Teruki is Teruki taro and kanon
is the eyeball father, takuya is cat and yuki is a water demon~!! Teruki is very talented in voice
imitating~! hahaha and kanon as well~!! the play was damn funny~!!!XD
Miku sang a lot and talked a lot to us and the main show lasted for 1 hour plus..
And encore time~!!!! they sang for 45minutes man!!!! And Miku spill water to everyone using his
Mouth~!! and even jump down stage!! too bad i stand too far to touch him~!!T^T
And i didnt even get anything they throw down stage..miku threw the bottle he drank
and takuya threw guitar pick,,,know why i didn't get?Coz japanese gals too ganas~!!==
i tell you.. wear so cute when snatch things damn ganas~!! i duwanna get hurt~!!>>
And the 3rd last song, Miku sang a song called "You".. he made this song just after they
plan to shut down all activities and rest. He says he knows everyone of us work very hard
and sometimes too hard, he wanted to delivery a message saying that we can laid back sometimes,
take a rest or fool around, don't have to work too hard everytime, it is ok if you tried!!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~!! i tell you everyone cried like hell!!
even guys!! i cried too~! that is why my eye liner smeared~!!
And Miku was to sad making all of us cry and he kept apologizing.. Then he want us to smile
again coz he want to remember our smiling face not crying face~!!X3
And then he took out his Donald Duck puppet~!XD made us dance like mad and then
We all took out the towel as told( you see i told you it is a must to buy towel~!^.~)
Coz the 2nd last song was boundz kizuna, miku says the towel is a bound between us and them~!!XD
And the last song for the night~!!!Smile Ichiban II onna~!!! kiyaaa we all sang along~!!!
And last last, All of them spoke and thanked us. Miku stayed till the end and his last word
is Aishiteru!!!XDXDXD

Miku is so sexy and lively on stage... kanon was cool as usual~! teruki is so leader and yuki is
a liittle dumb and takuya is just cute~!!

The Ticket~!!


Wanna Cover my Dark circle but failed~!!==

My outfit~!! with long white boots~!! my boots are the same with Miku's but he's was pink~!^3^

The van~!!so cute rite?XDXDXD

The pub... small rite??


Live house goodies~!!XDXD cost me bout rm100~!@@

The Towel



I will remember this forever and ever

Wrist band~!



See~!! smeared make-up but happy nyappy~!XD

Nyappy Mirror~!!^^




L.O.V.E nyappy~!!