Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally i felt close to you...

Went to visit Hide, and i felt so close to him, and i know he is there watching us...

On the way to his grave, the view of the sea is like never ending.. guess Hide loves the sea a lot..

And this is the view when we get out of the bus, peaceful seaside.. with humble and quite farmers and fisher mans living around..

This is the name of the grave, if translated to english, it's call "gardens of souls"

A 10 minutes walk before we reach the grave, everything is so peaceful there, reminds me of how peaceful it can be to have a simple life while watching the farmers harvest...

It was just around the corner

And there it is, Hide's grave.. so colorful, so outstanding, so huge.. but silently it rains when we reached his grave

I got so emotional when i see his grave, the first thing i do is tell him that who am i and where am i from, and how is he doing? finally i came to see him and i can't help myself from asking him " where are you?" i asked for three times and believe it or not, the photo hanging on the flower pot( the one on the left, the white photo if you can see that clearly) flew up 180 degrees for about 10 to 15 seconds. It is raining and the wind blew, but it only flew up after i asked that question and it never did again even the wind blows. That made me believe he is there, Hide is there.. right there!!

While my friend prays for him, i can't help crying. It is just so sad, and i can't move or do anything but cried. I am so touched by Xue who snap photos while crying, i know it was so hard for her, but because of her i can have this beautiful photos to be shared^^ thanks xue~!! love you!!

Guitar with lyrics that written by Hide. You will find this line in the song call merry-go-round. It sounds like Hide predicted his own death and wrote this lyrics..><

I will be sure to bring letters to Hide the next time i go visit. Ps: spotted by Xue

We really don't want to leave, but we had too. Lastly i apologize to Hide that i cried and i will leave with a smile, i did until the grave is out of my sight and i told Xue about the photo's incident and we cried again... in the rain...

Rest in peace Hide, you will always be in our hearts
yours truly,
Suki and Xue