Sunday, July 31, 2005

90 degree~turning point's life....we have to move from one stepping stone to another. I am 17 going on sounds like a song from "The Sound Of Music"...well don't mind that. I am 17, and is going on 18. There is where the turning point will happen in my life?I don't know, it seems like lately i had a 90 degree turn my life. i used to know what i really want but don't have the guts make it an action.but now, i will do whatever that is in my mind, i will make a move to fullfill it. and i will most likely to clearify my stand. I know it's new and akward to me, not to say my parents, and thier reaction is what i expected and i got to face with it. I think my father is still mad at me because of the decisions i had make. I know, it's new to me too, i am as shocked myself. Yet, in life we still need a turning point right?to proceed to another path, a path that you choose. I am growing up fast i know, but, i still have to get a smooth turn on that turning point, before i can proceed in my life. Is that so?Suddenly i have a song in my head."life's like this, yea, that's the way it is..." COMPLICATED by AVRIL LAVIGNE.A great song that suits my mood now.