Friday, August 31, 2007

I love Music

OMG~!Wednesday i went to my guitar's teacher's live band. They are playing jazz all the way.
From that moment i truly fell in love with live music or maybe live bands.
Yesterday i went to my classmate's concert as well. I really have no regrets going there..
even though i have to lie to my parents. Because the concert at Klang and
it would be impossible if they ever let me go there.I din't say lying to parents is a
good thing. But sometimes you just need to follow your heart.
That is why i went there.... And man i had a great time~!!
Jun jun was so great on his guitar. I hit my lap until it was bruise..
haha crazy but i don't care. That happens when i am all so into the music.
Jun jun's guitar skills really did amaze me. and his passion for music can be seen when
he is playing the guitar. You can just feel it.
Argh i am crazy over music i love music.
Why am i taking business law course?

Monday, August 06, 2007


One week of holiday.
About 2 month from now I am going to Japan. I am just counting down the days,
Hours minutes and seconds. To be honest, i am not prepared. I am still worried,
I still can't pull my self-confidence out of my freaking soul that I am also capable
in speaking Japanese and also study in Japan University.
OK! I am scared, unprepared. My head is full of question mark
Why if the future still so blur to me? Why i can't get hold of my own freaking life,
What I want? What I should do, which is the right choice I should make?
WTF, my mind is really a mess. I am halfway studying for my freaking test, which is
Like 2 days away? And I am hooked to a new (well for me it is) anime call Zombie-loan.
It’s late now. I know I will not get enough sleep already for tomorrow's class.
Even my live-her-life-like-an-owl-classmate went to bed.
I am the only one left online with notes on my desk and Zombie-loan episode 3 loading.
Well, as far as I know I m talking crap. i should go rest my brain, or maybe my eyes.
Jya oyasumi. Minna ga aishiteru yo~!